Leadership for the new world

I believe in the power and potential of leadership, for tomorrow’s world and in response to developments in technology and digitization. That calls for a different kind of leadership than before. Looking and acting in a new way. That is true for you, your organization, and the market, with head and heart in the right balance.

My mission is to contribute to that leadership and work with those modern leaders.

Executive coaching

Your ambition is to become a leader or to develop yourself further as a leader. In your market, in your field, based on your vision. Wat is nodig voor verdere groei? Mijn coaching richt op het vormgeven van het pad voor deze groei, de mogelijkheden en uitdagingen zoals je die ervaart. Bringing my years of experience as a member of various boards of directors and as a non-executive director, I have an acute understanding of the context and challenges for the leaders of today and tomorrow. Read more about my working method and background.

My book on leadership

How do we develop as leaders? What characteristics will be distinctive? In this unique book, several engaging leaders are featured. Their conclusions, my personal experience, and comprehensive research lead to determining five qualities of effective leadership. DNA of Leadership offers inspiration and guidance for the reader’s leadership development. Because just as DNA makes us unique as humans, so we are all unique leaders, too.

Number 4 at management book!
Nominated for management book of the year 2023!


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A podcast series of 8 conversations with experts in the field of leadership.

Frank Vogt Leider tot groei

digital transformation

The reality is that we live in an era where technology has an increasing impact. Does that offer opportunities? Absolutely! But it also comes with threats. How do you navigate your organization smoothly in this time?