the right route

The reality is that we live in an era where technology has an increasing impact. Does that offer opportunities? Absolutely! But it also comes with threats. How do you navigate your organization smoothly in this time? What’s your plan? The key question lies: what leadership should we add to make it work?

You choose to take big steps. Or you can start small experiments and continuously adjust to the experiences of your customers. Both can work, provided you have a clear picture of the problem and the possible implications of your solution. This requires clear analyses and testing assumptions. Knowing what your competitors are doing, even those that apparently don’t seem to be competitors (yet). And at the same time: operating from your heart. Daring to admit that sometimes you don’t know.

With your organization I will work to discover which route to walk is the right one for you. Depending on your ambition, on the market, on your customers and on what is going on in your organization. We determine our strategy for the coming period. We convert these into a concrete marching route: for the organization, working method and skills. The fairer and open everyone dares to be in that process, the better.

I am focusing openly on the apparent question before us. Then you will see that creative solutions suddenly come to light, as well as attractive ecosystems that you can involve in your organization. We translate our plan into concrete actions and teams. That’s what we’re going to work on.

– Frank Vogt


My services

interim CIO/ COO

As interim CIO/ COO I am temporarily part of your management and help the organization with regard to digital transformation to the next phase. Strengthening and implementing the strategy, guiding the organization and realizing important projects are central to this. In addition, as a supervisory board member or supervisor, I am involved in organizations, often with a digital profile. This involves supervising strategy, budget and major investments, and above all acting as a sparring partner for the management. As a consultant, I ensure that a complex and important issue is quickly addressed. Design of the internal IT organization or tightening of the operational strategy are typical examples of this.

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