Executive coaching


Leadership is about operating courageously, curiously and intelligently; staying connected to yourself, to the people around you, and to the market. I believe the future is abundant for organizations that operate with these principles.

My mission is to contribute to that leadership and work with those modern leaders.

Learning is a continuous awareness process. You learn from others, you learn from yourself. When I look at my own journey of the past thirty years and the organizations I helped move forward, I know that there is this constant. It is: there is always a way. If you want. If you dare. If you move.

My Coaching

executive coach

As a coach, I will guide you and your team on your journey.

In the intake session, we focus on the most critical coaching questions. These two or three questions are most relevant for personal growth and effectiveness. In that session, we’ll also investigate whether using The Leadership Circle of HeartMath (see below) can be helpful. We will also determine the number of coaching sessions, usually four to six, after which we’ll see whether continuation is desired. We’ll record this in a coaching contract. My goal is that the results, after one series of sessions, will suffice to continue independently.

My promise to you is that you will grow as a leader. We’ll reach this through deep insight into what you need for further growth. This can relate to specific knowledge and experience or to dealing with the dynamics of your current (or new) position. And possibly also with awareness, acceptance, and transformation of underlying behavioral patterns. In short, we will determine your compass and directional path.

Feedback about our leadership functioning is essential for future growth. The Leadership Circle Profile is one of the most popular feedback tools. It is based on comprehensive scientific research and maps the degree of effective leadership. It measures leadership behavior as experienced by the people around you. Thus, it offers a practical compass for personal growth in addition to the systems psychodynamic approach. As a certified practitioner in the Leadership Circle Profile, I offer this assessment in my coaching programs. It is also possible to only take the assessment, after which we’ll discuss the results in a separate session.

For more information, see the website of leadershipcircle.com, and a video that explains the Leadership Circle Profile.

I am closely associated with INSEAD, one of Europe’s most renowned training institutes. I have completed training and have worked as a coach at INSEAD for MBA students in their Personal Leadership Development Program. INSEAD uses the systems psychodynamic approach I have integrated into my coaching practice. In this method, we look at the system, i.e., the context in which the work is done, including the participant’s organization and his or her formal (and informal) roles. What influence does this context have on one’s effectiveness, and what development is necessary for growth in leadership within this context? At the same time, we look at the underlying behavioral patterns, the seemingly invisible issues that hold us back. Together, these form a powerful approach for executives to look for leadership growth with an inquisitive mind. I serve as a companion and travel guide in this process.

For over 25 years, the HeartMath Institute has researched the connection between our hearts and minds. As a result, various techniques and advanced tools are available to better understand the causes of stress and how to deal with them. Stress can have an enormous impact on our functioning and happiness. I have used these tools and techniques for several years. As a certified HeartMath coach, I can apply the HeartMath Resilience program. Resilience is the capability to prepare well, deal well with, and recover quickly from challenging and stressful situations. The program offers a structured approach with directly applicable exercises to reach this goal.

For more information see the site of HeartMath and HeartMath Benelux.

What others tell about my coaching

I work with the leaders of today and tomorrow. They work in various fields, such as e-commerce, healthcare, and professional services. They are entrepreneurs, managing directors, product leads, and executives, among others.

This is how they have experienced their coaching program; what it brought them.